How to Save Money on Your Wedding Photography?


Wedding photos are automatically included in wedding budget. These are basically the treasures that’ll help you to reminisce that big day. For that, you want to guarantee that all significant moments are captured. The good news, as all these moments are happening around you, wedding photographers are experienced in taking the perfect shot by going to the right angle. This way, you know that you aren’t missing a single thing.

But just like all other Orange County weddings, it would help if you are going to practice a proactive role into your wedding photography. With this, you can cut costs of important photography services without compromising on the quality of your photos.

Following are tips that can help you make the most of your budget.

Tip number 1. Know about the costs – there is just no way you can work out your money saving strategy without knowing the average cost of service is. By doing research on the wedding photography services and also comparing the quotes, it is going to help you get an idea on the expected amount for the service.

Keep in mind that the skill set, equipment and props is what would make the cost variable from one photographer to the other. Even so, this is enough to help you have a ballpark figure of how much you must be reserving for the service and also, negotiate with your prospect if they could work on your budget. Learn more about weddings at

Tip number 2. Consider local talents – as you hire local photographers, you can save money in a way that you won’t have to pay large amounts to arranging transportation to the venue. And despite the fact that you are planning to do a destination wedding, it is ideal that you look out for local wedding photographers instead of hiring one from your home town. On the other hand, even if you take this approach, see to it that you’ve done every important element to guarantee that your chosen wedding photographer has the qualifications to deliver the results that you expect.

Tip number 3. Hire professionals for less the time – this one is a simple way to reduce your wedding cost. What you may do here is to hire the photographer to be present only on those important parts of the ceremony and then, let your groomsmen and bridesmaid to take the rest of the shots.

If you think that this is advantageous already, wait until you find a wedding photographer who charges clients on hourly basis because that way, you can truly make the most of every single cent you’ve paid to the Orange County wedding photography.


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